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1st time writing !!! February 6, 2016

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i am 8 years old.

today is my first time writing a blog page…EVER!!!!!!

wish me luck!



Long time….. November 17, 2010

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Wow, has it really been that long since I’ve posted a blog??? Lots has happened since then. Like, I’m a big sister now!!! I will start updating thisore regularly, so please check back soon!


Go Badgers!!! March 21, 2008

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The Wisconsin Badgers played for the Big Ten tournament championship on Sunday, and Daddy and I got all dressed up to watch it.  They played awesome and won the whole tournament!   This is by far the best Badgers team I’ve ever seen, but I guess that’s not saying a lot.  Daddy says they’re good, but he doesn’t think they’ll go to the Final Four.  He should stop being such a pessimist, it’s a bad example for me.   

Later that night the Badgers got a #3 seed to the NCAA tournament.  I was pretty happy with that, but daddy says they got screwed.  What’s screwed mean???  Anyway, we’re looking forward to watching them on Thursday, and hopefully again on Saturday.  Daddy says this is the best time of the year in Sports, even better than college football bowl season.  I don’t know, I sure liked football, so I’m pretty excited for this!  Daddy says we get to watch basketball all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!!  

  These pictures are of me and Daddy watching the game.  The one where we’re holding hands is when we’re singing “Varsity”.    100_1456.jpg100_1451.jpg 


I “look up to” my cousins March 15, 2008

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Now that I’m crawling all over the place, I get to check out and explore so many new things.  The other day I found this really cool picture frame that has pictures of all of my cousins on Daddy’s side of the family.  I kept looking up at it and laughing and laughing.  It just made me laugh so much because I love all of my cousins so much.  They’re all really cool, and I can’t wait to see them again.  I’m sure some day they’ll be getting me into trouble, but whatever!   Here’s a picture of me “looking up to” them!!!  100_1424.jpg


Mommy loves me March 9, 2008

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How do I know?  Because whenever I cry, she comes running to pick me up.  Check out this picture, this is from last night.  Mom and Dad have been trying to let me cry to sleep, but I don’t like it very much.  So, now I’ve figured out that I just need to keep crying and Mommy will get out of bed and come get me.  This picture is proof.  Ferber and Weisbluth have nothing on me, baby!100_1414.jpg 


Beatle! February 27, 2008

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This is my dog, Beatle.  He’s a Giant Schnauzer, and he weighs 100 lbs.   That’s 5 times more than I weigh!!!!    I like watching him walk around, and I like rubbing his fur.  He doesn’t really care too much about me either way, though.  He’ll probably start liking me more when I start feeding him under the table.   

But can somebody tell me why Mommy and Daddy keep calling him my “big brother”??? Can’t they see that he’s a dog and I’m a baby?  They’re not the smartest people, I guess.



More Bathtime!!! February 25, 2008

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I love bathtime!!!  Mom and Dad started giving me baths in the sink, and I just love it.  It’s nice and warm and deep, and Mom and Dad are right at eye level so it’s easier for me to play with them.  As you can see in these pictures, it’s a lot of fun.  100_1219.jpg100_1211.jpg